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iPhone Lifestyle iPhone + iPad Kixify

Version: 1.1 • Download size: 14.66 MB • Released: April 30, 2014

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Shoefax Overview

Get the right price for your sneakers. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, knowing the worth of your sneakers can come in handy. Shoefax provides you with up-to-date market values for many current sneaker releases based on eBay & Kixify sales data.

Gain a deeper insight into the sneaker market. Know what sneakers are being looked at the most, analyze those that are peaking in value and examine recent releases. Each sneaker profile includes market value figures and an elegant interactive chart that tracks a shoe’s performance.

When the price is right, hit buy and grab your pair from eBay or Kixify. With Shoefax, you will have all the tools needed to be an informed sneakerhead in one place.

What's New in Shoefax 1.1?

Optimized onboarding.

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