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Full Docs - Microsoft Office Edition

iPhone Business iPhone + iPad Office Essentials for Microsoft Office and Google Docs

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 4.84 MB • Released: December 19, 2013

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Full Docs - Microsoft Office Edition Overview


Using Microsoft Office has never been easier with this fantastic app that walks you through the essentials of many of the most popular document editing products ever created, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, complete with lots of easy to follow videos and convenient shortcuts for Microsoft Office mobile apps.

In no time you’ll learn how to:

- View or edit documents on your iPhone, iPad or even your computer for free!
- Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
- Update your calendar and manage mail with Outlook
- Quickly edit and add comments to documents
- Save, print, publish and share documents
- Add charts, pictures, animations and effects
- Insert a table of contents, headers, and footers
- Create and print custom labels and PDFs
- View or edit documents while on the go
- And so much more!

The included set of tutorials shows you everything you need to be more productive, find key features, and learn to get things done fast!

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