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Just Fast

iPhone Utilities iPhone + iPad Missionary Solutions

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 1.9 MB • Released: December 18, 2013

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Just Fast Overview

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Just Fast is a brand new tool that was designed to make fasting easier. We all know that it is a commandment, yet often times it sneaks up on us each month and might fall by the wayside.

Here are some features that are sure to improve your fasting experience:

- Don't worry about the dates, we'll take care of it! We know when Fast Sunday is, and we'll send you reminders ahead of when you are supposed to start your fast so you won't forget. It doesn't get easier than that.

- Fasting is meant to be a spiritual experience. You can easily record thoughts and impressions that you get throughout the day, and they will be stored in a centralized location where you can always refer back to them. Don't let positive spiritual experiences come and go without being recorded.

- Just Fast keeps a record of all of your fasts so that you can be motivated to keep good going. A lack of accountability is often the cause for skipping or prematurely ending fasts. By clearly keeping a record of your fasts, it will be easier to keep going.

- Depending on the settings you opt into, we will even try and prevent you from quitting early! Nothing too major, just some extra alert windows to jump through.

Remembering to fast has never been easier thanks to Just Fast.

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