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iPhone Social Networking iPhone + iPad Gary Garris

Version: 1.1 • Download size: 2.4 MB • Released: December 1, 2013

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RepostWhiz Overview

RepostWhiz let's you repost Videos & Photos on instagram.
It's the first app to have video reposts.
Stop taking screenshots, cropping, & resizing images when trying to post them on instagram! RepostWhiz helps you to keep the image quality, so they remain clear for your followers to see.

1. Repost videos & photos from your instagram feed.
2. Repost from the list of posts that you've liked
3. Search posts by user & #hastag to #repost to your feed
4. Save Posts to Repost at a later date
5. Save original photos & images to your phone gallery
6. Show a translucent watermark to give credit to the original poster.
7. Move the watermark to any side of the video/picture (from top, bottom, left, or right)
8. Browse user profiles to find posts
9. Browser user followers & following lists

RepostWhiz updates as soon as your instagram feed does.
With RepostWhiz you can save instagram videos & save instagram photos & pictures.

- Video quality does decrease slightly w/ every video repost
- Higher quality videos will take long to process than lower quality ones.

What's New in RepostWhiz 1.1?

Video Resposting Fixed

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