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Pimp Your Keyboards

iPhone Lifestyle iPhone + iPad Pinpoint Accuracy

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 23.67 MB • Released: November 24, 2013

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Pimp Your Keyboards Overview

Pimp My keyboard makes your keyboard in finery. It is a new kind of iPhone & iPad keyboard with colorful skin and various fonts.

Pimp My keyboard enables quick to change the skin. Tap the button next to 123 button to change the skin one after another. Or hold the button to bring out all skins to select your favourite. You can change different sizes and colors of fonts.

Pimp My keyboard allows you send the text by mail or Twitter. You can copy the text to anywhere you want.

-- Amazing Features --

◎ Various color keyboard skins
◎ Christmas Styles added!
◎ Fifty eight kinds of fonts
◎ Various fonts size and color
◎ Mail or Twitter to share
◎ Two ways to change keyboard skin
◎ Copy text to anywhere
◎ Built-in dictionary with predictive typing
◎ Change keyboard skin quickly
◎ Change Backgrounds quickly

What a wonderful Keyboard it is! Are you ready to pack up the specific gift for your iPhone?

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