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Wallpaper Blur

iPhone Lifestyle iPhone + iPad Pinpoint Accuracy

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 11.44 MB • Released: November 24, 2013

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Wallpaper Blur Overview

Maximize every pixel of your retina display with Wallpaper Blur, a fun new app that transforms ordinary pictures into stunning backgrounds. Just slide your finger across any picture to get the perfect Wallpaper Blur, set it as your wallpaper, and make your device look better than ever!

How to get the most out of Wallpaper Blur:

◎ Take bright photos with multiple colors
◎ Use Wallpaper Blur with other photo apps to get even more lighting and color effects
◎ Share your Wallpaper Blur on Facebook and Twitter

Wallpaper Blur - The most stunning way to upgrade your iPhone.

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