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Big Cartel Checkout

iPhone Business iPhone + iPad Big Cartel

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 1.8 MB • Released: November 13, 2013

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Big Cartel Checkout Overview

Checkout takes your Big Cartel shop with you, anywhere you go. You can create orders, process credit card or cash payments, and send receipts right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. All while automatically updating your inventory and order info in your Big Cartel admin.

Key features of Checkout:
- Sync with your existing Big Cartel store
- Sell anywhere
- Easily create orders from your iPhone or iPod Touch
- Accept in-person credit card payments via Stripe
- Process cash payments
- Send receipts instantly
- Auto-update inventory in your Big Cartel store

Checkout is great for selling anywhere:
- from a merch table
- at a craft fair
- while getting tattooed
- from your brick and mortar shop
- on a boat, man
- at a party
- at an art festival
- on an apple farm
- up a tree
- from your studio
- after yoga class
- on a bike ride
- from an early 80's cream RV

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