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Panoramic Wallpapers & Parallax Backgrounds

iPhone Utilities iPhone + iPad Dynamic Wallpapers

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 37.36 MB • Released: November 9, 2013

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Panoramic Wallpapers & Parallax Backgrounds Overview

◎ 4K Resolution Backgrounds in Panoramic mode

◎ Amazing rich Depth-of-Field Backgrounds to enhance the subtle animation which is only available in iOS 7: Parallax Effect

◎ Artistic Colorful Backgrounds to dramatically change the look and feel of your device thanks to the new core concept of iOS 7 design: Transparent Layers

All the backgrounds are seriously created by our skill designers who experimented the iOS 7 inside-out to ensure the best experience for you. Just install just one wallpaper, for FREE, to see for yourselves.


◉ This is not a cheap shot with low-res photos taken randomly from the web. These photos are in the highest possible resolutions you can dream of, to change your feeling forever!

◉ Remember to check for update (inside the app) sometimes. There will be more and more wallpapers to come every week.

Panoramic Wallpapers & Parallax Backgrounds Reviews