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iPhone Social Networking iPhone + iPad ICS Mobile, Inc

Version: 1.5 • Download size: 16.76 MB • Released: October 15, 2013

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AppXchange Overview

The developers of the FreeAppADay app and its 10M userbase introduce you to another amazing experience with AppXchange. Now, "Get Paid Apps For Free and other Amazing Deals, Discover apps that are made for you and Connect with people like you."

1. Instantly obtain your AppXchange personality profile: Three unique personal badges representing your App IQ.

2. Compare your AppXchange profile to others and discover apps that are made for you through expert, friend and celebrity recommendations.

3. Show off your app expertize by recommending great apps to the community, get rewarded with unique badges and become an AppXchange Expert!

The App X Team is working with one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood, so expect to see some of your favorite TV, Movie and Music celebrities sharing and recommending apps on AppXchange.

What's New in AppXchange 1.5?

Improved Flick To Follow feature
Easier app sharing
Improved Leaderboard
Performance improvements and Fixes

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