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XReminder - Quick & Powerful Reminder

iPhone Productivity iPhone + iPad Bang

Version: 1.2.1 • Download size: 0.81 MB • Released: September 21, 2013

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XReminder - Quick & Powerful Reminder Overview

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XReminder is a quick and powerful reminder for iPhone, You can add reminder quickly by following steps:

1.Pull down on reminder list.
2.Enter something that you want to remind.
3.Select a time.


1.Remind on a centain day.
2.Remind After several hours and minutes.
3.Remind Every Day / Week / Month / Year.
4.Delay reminder when timeout.
5.Snooze Mode: remind every minute while time's up until DONE.
6.Full gueture control:
---pull down to add reminder.
---pull up to setting view.
---pull to change color when adding or editing.
---swipe reminder to edit or delete.

What's New in XReminder - Quick & Powerful Reminder 1.2.1?

Fix bug for snooze

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