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Bursrt Camera Pro

iPhone Photography iPhone + iPad IPAPAS, Inc.

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 2.61 MB • Released: July 3, 2013

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Bursrt Camera Pro Overview

Burst Camera Pro is an app useful for quick continuity photographing with continuous shooting cameras.
Simple UI and exposed menu on the camera screen allow quick photographing according to situations.
Press Start button to photograph continuously and Stop button to finish shooting.
Press Volume key or Camera button next to Start button to take a single shot.
** Function
-Flash, Auto Focus, Manual Focus, Zoom functions supported
-Shooting Mode (Front, Back) supported
-A folder to save photos and camera rolls.
-Vintage Mode. (Sepia Mode)
-High-resolution HR Mode and Low-resolution LR Mode – LR Mode recommended for quick shots.
*** This is useful in the following situations.
-Sports scene
-Photos of children and pets
-Dynamic scenes on beach, trip, campus and etc.
-Golf Swing Analysis
-Brake dance, trampoline and etc.
*** TIPS
Photos of children are particularly taken naturally.
Quality of photos increased as taken in bright light.
After shooting, select good shots and save in the camera roll.
Thank you for using our product. If there is any problem, you may get it fixed or a refund.

How much is it? It is $0.99.
What is the future plan of Burst Camera+? Vintage mode is scheduled to be constantly updated.
It is promised to update shooting speed, photo quality and folders by hearing opinions.
How can I deal with blurry photos? Maximize image stabilization when photographing. It is inevitable to have good and bad photos due to its continuity.
App is crashed. Camera apps are often seen crashed. In this case, there are many causes which make hard to diagnose. Please send us an email at ipapas@naver,com and you will be given the answer as soon as possible.

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