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iPhone PhotographyiPhone iDelete Technology

Version: 1.0.4 • Download size: 2.35 MB • Released: February 20, 2013

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iDelete Overview

Share life’s spontaneous moments with friends! Introducing iDelete, a free self-destruct iPhone app designed exclusively to capture unique moments – all with the privacy and security of users in mind.

The app comes with a flexible self-destruct timer that enables the sender to establish how long the message can be viewed before automatically deleting itself from the sender, receiver and the server.

The app ensures that all of life’s fun, silly and wild moments can be enjoyed and secured with iDelete’s patent pending Screen Shot Protection, The text and image are seen through a viewing loop that the receiver can navigate on the touch screen, making it impossible to capture in a screenshot. Screenshot Protection can be turned on or off by the sender depending on the sensitivity of the message.

More control over your messages than ever before. If a message is sent and not opened by the recipient, the sender can permanently delete the message from their Outbox.

What's New in iDelete 1.0.4?

✓ Added sender's name to top bar in picture screen
✓ Fixed an issue that prevented images from being attached to new messages

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