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Altimeter PRO™

iPhone Utilities iPhone + iPad Umovez cll

Version: 1.00 • Download size: 15.8 MB • Released: June 9, 2012

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Altimeter PRO™ Overview

Dear Friends! Please note that this application has been attacked by our competitors! The application received a huge number of lowest rates and negative comments. The program is perfectly running and fully corresponds to it’s description. Any not operational or not corresponding to their description applications are instantly banned by the App Store. Yet, the App Store will always pay your money back once you are not satisfied with this application.
We wait for the App Store’s prompt reaction over the matter. Your fair rates would be hugely helpful also! Thank you for understanding!

Have you ever stepped on top of the Tour d’Eiffel? Or climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain? Do you know what altitude above the sea level you are actually at and how high this is? Find out references of your altitude to most famous skyscrapers and high peaks of the world.
This application not only provides information on your exact altitude, but also compares it to the closest top point; be it an edifice or a mountain.
Аltimeter pro ™ - is a great choice for all travelers and those who admire to contemplate urban panoramas or highland sights.
- compares your actual altitude with a well-known top point
- “Wikipedia” gives information on most spectacular places on our planet
- “Google maps” shows your current geographical location to help your navigation in space.
- Improved accuracy of the GPS data processing
- Feet and meters measuring
- Wide choice of famous peaks and skyscrapers for the background

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