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Ringtone Maker™ - Create FREE Ringtones, SMS/MMS Tones

iPhone Music iPhone + iPad Softintercom LLC

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 23.29 MB • Released: June 4, 2012

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Ringtone Maker™ - Create FREE Ringtones, SMS/MMS Tones Overview

»»» Fill your iPhone with the most fashionable and beautiful ringtones made with your own hands from your favorite musical tracks!

■ Ringtone Maker application allows you to create easily and quickly high quality ringtones without using any additional editors, converters or iTunes services.

»»» Everything happens tricky and delicately within a handy interface of one application!

►Take out of your musical library your favorite song, mix or soundtrack (this might be a live of your favorite band) and cut the required part by means of special tools.

No troubles any more!

You can enjoy your favorite music at each incoming call!

»» Due to the fine and dynamic tuning of the application you can produce your ring tones with pinpoint accuracy by sophisticating them with additional effects.

• Built-in voice recorder for manual ringtone recording.
• Visualized track.
• Framework for a future ringtone separation.
• Advanced values of marking accurate to microseconds.
• Cutting of fragment with the duration up to 40 sec.
• Preliminary listening and repeat of the cut fragment before conversion.
• Button of return to the track beginning.
• Effect of flat gain and quieting down of ringtone volume.
• Change of sound height.
• Echo effects.
• Ringtone inverse playing.
• File saving in the collection of application.
• E-mail sending.
• Built-inWi-Fi server.
• Ringtone renaming and deleting.
• Helping tab Help.

►• Be the richest owner of ringtones among your friends!

Let the most stylish and glamorous ringtones ring out of your cool iPhone attracting millions of admired looks!

Ringtone Maker™ - Create FREE Ringtones, SMS/MMS Tones Reviews