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Speedometer Plus

iPhone Utilities iPhone + iPad Divono LLC

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 1.97 MB • Released: June 2, 2012

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Speedometer Plus Overview

You don’t have with what to measure the speed of your moving during walking, running, boating or bicycling?
>>> We have the application that will allow you to use your favorite iPhone as speedometer.
Supports Retina Display for new iPad

Speedometer Plus will provide an efficient and quick measurement of speed at any transportation means by using GPS navigation system.

► You can follow the process of speed measurement in real time mode by watching a stylish animation on your screen.

► The application also generates the data on maximum speed of movement and calculates the value of passed distance.

► You can choose mph or km/h system of measurement convenient for you.

□ By using the advanced algorithms of calculation Speedometer Plus reveals maximum qualitative and correct information at the minimum level of inaccuracy.

□ Follow your speed and change it depending on the time you need to get to the point of destination.

□ Install iPhone in your boat, bicycle, scooter or racing horse and find out the maximum speed you and your transportation mean are able to gather.

► To make data keeping track through windshield more convenient, run your finger to the right/left on the screen and the device will begin to show the information in mirror look.

Enjoy a beautiful design and perfect exactness of the values on your i-speedometer.

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