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Live Camera Pro

iPhone Lifestyle iPhone + iPad Techpurple

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 14.99 MB • Released: June 1, 2012

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Live Camera Pro Overview

Live Camera Pro application organizes in your gadget a real online video library.
Surveillance cameras are installed in cities and towns all over the world.
They can be anywhere: in coffee houses, shops, universities, companies’ offices, in the city streets, parks, on the beaches and other unpredictable places.
Live Camera Pro targets all available cameras in more than 77 countries of the world and provides you with a full review of the place and local time.
Handy and interface appealing, the application will enchant you with curious and win you over and promising video traveling.

►Just choose a camera and observe all that's happening in another spot of the planet.
The Eiffel Tour, New Zeeland’s seaside or the center of New York in rush hour – all this is within your reach thanks to the Live Camera Pro wonderful possibilities.

■ Access to Live Camera Pro in more than 77 countries of the world.
■ Random selection option.
■ Grouping on cameras according to countries and cities.
■ Camera’s location and local time indication.
■ Add to Favourites.
■ Clever search system.
■ 8 cameras viewing possibilities.
■ Possibility of searching the camera via the satellite map of the world.

Don’t miss the chance to spy on people, ignorant of them being spied on.
Find out if there are cameras in your city and search for their location. Maybe one of your friends is waving at you!

Live Camera Pro is a new interesting idea for video traveling fans.

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