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Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus

iPhone Music iPhone + iPad Technoplus Apps

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 16.13 MB • Released: April 17, 2012

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Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus Overview

► The melody of this ring is the part of your style. Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus shall help you to make your style perfect.

►The most important you need to know about the application Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus is that it can ringtone the music accurately and quickly and with it you can feel yourself like a real master of ringtones.
Use its powerful interface and you can easily create trendy and original ringtones you’re your own hands without any stress or troubles.

»» Need to cut a fragment? – Just one moment!
»» Need to apply specific effects? – Here you are!
»» Need to send the ringtone by e-mail? – No problem!

The program’s interface is originally structured for the process of ringtones creation shall become a pleasant mean of expressing yourself.

♦ Access to tracks from the music library.
♦ Build-in Dictaphone for manual recording of music.
♦ Visualized track.
♦ Frame for indicating the limits of the future ringtone.
♦ Fragment cutting up to 40 seconds.
♦ Preliminary listening and repeat of cut fragment before
♦ Reverse button to the beginning of the track.
♦Uniform volume expanding and turning down effect.
♦ Change of sound height.
♦ Echo effect.
♦ Reverse play of ringtone.
♦ File saving in the application’s collection.
♦ Sending to e-mail.
♦ Rename and delete option for ringtones.

► With Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus you can always have at your disposal the most fresh, extraordinary and attractive ringtones. Be prepared for compliments and envious looks.

►Using Dictaphone possibilities you can set as a call the record from the live concert of your favorite band or real tribune roaring at football match. Your favorite songs, mixes and soundtrack will make you happy and raise your disposition upon any incoming ring.

►The program Ringtone Maker by Tehnoplus shall be your ringtone supplier and shall always support your personal image.

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