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Funny Camera Reflection

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Version: 1.0 • Download size: 16.42 MB • Released: April 6, 2012

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Funny Camera Reflection Overview

All we know how difficult is to find a pocket mirror in the wilds of a woman’s bag. It’s in case you really have it there. Otherwise you’ll need to run around looking for a reflecting surface to be sure you look like a million of bucks.
What for?

Just one touch and your device shall transform into a glamorous super-stylish mirror. The application Funny Camera Reflection can brilliantly replace your pocket analogue.

₪ »» Its glossy surface is ideally imitating the surface of an origin mirror with a clear and correct reflection.

₪ »» You can find it quite easy as you always know where it is.

₪ »» You can’t lose it or break thus it shall not bring any discomfort or inflict any trouble because it doesn’t occupy physically any place.

You can also choose one of 10 original frames for your I-Mirror choosing the one in which you look cuter.

► And the most important the I-Funny Camera Reflection unlike its pocket analogue can be used without being noticed.
Sometimes there happen unscheduled meetings which may affect our future as for example, meeting with future sponsor, PR-manager or that someone special. At such moments it’s not so convenient to use a pocket mirror to find out if your hair and your lipstick are ok.
But it’s ok to look in your device to make sure you look all right so that irrelevant thoughts would not distract your attention.

»» Men can definitely enjoy such a feature of the I-Funny Camera Reflection because it’s more complicated for them to use a pocket mirror in public.
And ladies can fell themselves more confident and take care of their appearance gracefully and naturally.

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