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Version: 1.0 • Download size: 1.7 MB • Released: December 15, 2011

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Blacklist™ Overview

» Fighting with the TV operators and commercial companies who offer their services and products by phone, already skipped you out?
» Also it has appeared an insistent person to whom you are uncomfortable to say “no” and who contacts you by phone daily, persuading you to deal with him on network marketing?

â—Ź â–şNo more fighting with windmills!
From now on you can forever escape the unwanted calls and text messages with the magnificent application Blacklist. It provides a reliable protection system using “black and white” filter. Telephone numbers that you enter in the database will become "black" and the system will block their signals. The remaining numbers will be "white" and will easily be able to get the caller.
Simpler it can not be!
Wondering where to get phone numbers of the commercial agents? Don’t worry! Blacklist application already contains phone numbers of the worldwide commercial agents and TV operators. Moreover, you can also fill in with numbers that you might know.

♦ The ability to completely block the incoming call of any subscriber
♦ To disconnect tone for incoming call
♦ To suppress the display of the call
♦ To keep records for incoming calls so that you can view them in the registry calls
♦ Ability to set ring tones for all numbers in the same database
♦ Automatic update of the database with new numbers
♦ Interface that is allowing enter a number in the database to complement it

••• With Blacklist application you will not be afraid to give someone your phone number or even speak it in public.

Blacklist application will provide services in various situations of life. You may want to simply not be available temporarily, to avoid a specific dialogue by phone or meeting without being forced to disconnect your phone, but at the same time to receive calls from other subscribers.

â–şBlacklist application will take care of saving your time and keep your peace of mind.

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