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iPhone PhotographyiPhone Ryan H. Masten

Version: 1.0 • Download size: 1.07 MB • Released: December 9, 2011

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BetterShots Overview

Everyone knows that the front facing camera just doesn't take great pictures... and taking pictures of yourself with the back facing camera can prove to be a daunting task... not anymore! You can now take BetterShots with your higher quality, back facing camera!

We wanted to get this on the app store as soon as possible so you will see many more features coming in future releases.

Current Features:
- Automatic Face Detection
- Detection of up to 4 faces
- AutoSnap mode to automatically take a picture when faces are found
- Adjust Flash settings
- Single picture or burst mode (3 photos)
- Force Frame allows you to restrict the detection to the center of the camera to make sure your photos are perfect

- Review photos before they are saved
- View previously taken photos
- Volume+ shutter
- DarkShot to allow for self night photos
- Social integration (facebook & twitter)
- Many more

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