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Lord of Darkness

iPhone Games iPhone + iPad BiCore

Version: 1.0.0 • Download size: 89.98 MB • Released: September 22, 2011

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Lord of Darkness Overview

[Lord of Darkness] is a 3D action game where the main character which is a dark guardian escapes after getting arrested while infiltrating into “Tower of Death”. The entire game was implemented as 3D escaping from the 2D stripe method so you can experience more three dimensional and fancy graphics. You’ll feel the fun of speedy action just with the combination of direction, attack, roll or skill keys and the strategic but splendid action because the skill provided by each weapon is different. In addition, you can raise characters by purchasing the weapons and armors using the gold acquired through playing the game. You can directly experience the outer appearance and power as equipments get replaced

[Game Features]

■ Battle System – Simple and Clear Battling Method
: You can display powerful consecutive skills and various situations using combo system of attack and roll (evade) or combinations that could be called the basics of action games.

■ Weapon & Skill System – Stylish Action
: A total of 5 weapons including One Handed Sword, Long Sword, Gauntlet, Bomb and GUN are provided. Each weapon has different attack styles and characteristics. You can use 2 skills with each weapon. Each weapon is divided into a skill that has fancy powerful attack power and a support type skill to assist battles. You can equip up to 4 weapons to be used strategically for each stage.

■ Stage – 100!
: The game is made up of 100 stages total as a concept of escaping 100 floors of underground tower. As you go up each floor, the difficulty of game gets increased with different structure or appearing monsters. Moreover, you need a strategic play as powerful boss monsters appear in certain stages.

■ Arena Mode – Unlimited Challenge!
: The Arena Mode of survival type is a mode to clear a total of 25 waves at once under limited conditions. You can acquire secret reward items each time a specific wave zone is cleared and the rare items not provided by this game exist here.

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