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Swipe Mobile

iPhone Lifestyle iPhone + iPad Swipe Mobile LLC

Version: 1.1.2 • Download size: 6.75 MB • Released: September 16, 2010

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Swipe Mobile Overview

Buy, send, receive, and redeem gift cards from your favorite brands using your iPhone or iPod Touch. In three minutes or less, you can pick a brand, personalize a message, add a photo, and send a gift card to somebody you know. Swipe Mobile makes gifting easy!

Your recipient can spend their gift card immediately by having a store cashier scan the bar code displayed on their iPod or iPhone. If the code cannot be scanned, the cashier can manually enter the code included.

Even if your recipient does not have an iPhone, they will receive an email notification via email. By clicking the link included, they can visit the Swipe Mobile web site (, where they can print a copy of their gift card in order to redeem it.

Recipients with the Swipe Mobile application installed on their iPhone or iPod Touch will be notified with a red indicator over the Swipe icon on the device screen. By launching the application, they can view and redeem their new gift card within the Digital Wallet.

With gifting this easy, you’ll never miss a special occasion or an opportunity to thank someone again.

Swipe Mobile Features:
•Instant gifting for every occasion
•Mobile gift cards from your favorite brands
•Environmentally friendly - No more plastic
•Personalization with a message and/or photo
•Immediate delivery of your gift or recognition
•Gift cards your recipient will always have handy
•Instant redemption via phone — just show virtual code to cashier*
•Online redemption*
•History of sent and received gift cards stored within secure Digital Wallet
•Daily coupons, cash, and prize giveaways by spinning the Hot Deals wheels
*redemption options vary by brand

What's New in Swipe Mobile 1.1.2?

Minor fixes to support multi-tasking

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