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Qik Video Camera Pro

iPhone PhotographyiPhone Qik, Inc

Version: 5.0 • Download size: 3.93 MB • Released: April 7, 2010

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Qik Video Camera Pro Overview

Qik Video Camera Pro brings powerful video capabilities to any iPhone with iOS 4. (Existing users: Download this update only if you have iOS 4.)

Qik makes it easy to record special moments wherever you are and share them with others right as they happen or anytime later.

With a tap of a button, you can share your live or previously recorded videos with friends and family through:
• Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your blog and many other sites
• SMS or email
• Your personal video page on

(psst… Qik is pronounced “quick”)

Qik’s patent-pending technology works hard so you don’t have to...
• Qik keeps your video and audio in sync – every time
• Qik’s got you covered during the inevitable network disconnects – no need to restart your recording
• Qik’s exclusive live upload means no wires and no hassles to instantly and reliably upload your video to the web, other sites or another mobile phone
• Qik has the best combination of resolution and FPS (frames per second) performance


• Smooth zoom and brightness control
• Audio gain control
• Capture photos - Freeze precious moments by snapping a photo right as you are recording videos
• Text chat - Viewers watching your live video on the web can text chat back
• Export videos to phone's gallery (auto-export option in settings)
• Download videos to your desktop via local Wi-Fi
• Standby mode - Save your battery
• Stop and Pause buttons
• Portrait or landscape recording
• Record “offline” for the highest possible resolution your camera will allow.
• Record “online” for the fastest upload time for live sharing.
• Audio feedback for record, stop and play buttons
• Special for 3GS users: Upload videos taken with your phone’s native video recorder and take advantage of Qik’s easy sharing options (to Facebook, Twitter, your page, etc.)


Have more fun with your videos by applying one of these special effects as you record:
• Black & White, Mirror, Avatar (blue), Sepia, Twirl, X-ray
• Red Only: Entire picture is black-and-white except the red
• Lens: Focus on specific areas with just a touch
• PhotoMix: This cool effect lets you start with a picture and then erase parts of the picture to reveal the video
• Frosted glass: Start with a frosted glass screen and then wipe the screen to reveal the clear video


• Better lighting = better video quality
• Make sure you don’t cover the microphone while your recording! It’s at the bottom of your iphone.
• Use volume buttons to control level of audio feedback
• You can download your videos to your desktop through a browser on Wi-Fi
• Enable Wi-Fi access to your videos in Qik Gallery view. (Just enter the address shown in popup window into your local web browser.)
• Effects controls:
- Spin the effects wheel to choose an effect.
- Use the tab on the left to hide control panel and watch effects in full.
- Currently selected effect has its thumbnail zoomed in. Tap on black cross to turn off effect and go back to Normal.
- For PhotoMix effect, a new image can only be selected at the first start of application or after black cross is pressed.

What's New in Qik Video Camera Pro 5.0?

Updated to support iOS4 and iPhone 4.

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