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iPhone Social Networking iPhone + iPad FragTools® Inc

Version: 1.2 • Download size: 12.65 MB • Released: March 15, 2010

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FragmenT® Overview

Connect to what the industry is calling "Play Ground 2.0", FragTools®.com from your iPhone! Forged from the need to create a site and an APP focused on exploiting the average gamer and his/hers frivolous needs, FragTools® presents a way to feed your addiction for both gaming and informing the world of EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY! Grab the FragmenT® APP and unleash your cerebral prowess on the world via the APPS critical gamer tools:

1.) Read friends FragmenT® 's and post your own.
*A FragmenT is a 193-character mini-review of a game, hardware peripheral or a passing thought that you are compelled to share. Don't have time to write a full review? Pop a FragmenT online.*

2.)Send and receive messages in real time from your friends on

3.)Challenge your friends to a scrim for Frags, the official currency of, and accept challenges from friends in real time to put your Frags where your mouth is. Frags are redeemable for site unlockable's and promotional items such as FragRags via ShopFT.
*A Frag is awarded by contributing content such as reviews, news or editorials on*

4.) Keep up to date with real time feeds of daily news from the PC, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Apple and FT General news-hounds.

5.) Track Release Dates and news on your most eagerly anticipated titles via the FragmenT ALERT tool.

What's New in FragmenT® 1.2?

Added Support for IOS 4. Corrected Login Screen Loading issue on iPAD. Optimized graphics for faster load times.

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