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iPhone Games iPhone + iPad Jason Chou

Version: 1.8b • Download size: 4.56 MB • Released: November 17, 2009

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Unfragment Overview

Infinitely Beautiful glass puzzles: the most fun way to share photos (or test resolve)!

Thanks for all of your support! As development progressed, Shattered has grown out of its old name. Join us in welcoming the shiny & improved: Unfragment!

*Beautifully Rendered Puzzles
Like Jigsaw, only better. With random polygons, no two puzzles are alike! Choose the difficulty you like:

- Pick number of pieces anywhere from 2 to thousands
- Mind-boggling rotation, on or off

*Glass, You, and friendly Photographers:
You can play with the most challenging, undecorated glass puzzles. But you can also stain them with:

- Your own photo, either from iPhone/iPod Touch or Flickr Photostream
- (One million and counting of) Licensed Photos from photographers

or, challenges from your friends…

*Send puzzles to friends with enclosed messages!
If your photo lives on Flickr, you can send the puzzle to your friends by e-mail with specified difficulty. They have to solve it to open the enclosed message!

I haven't told you everything yet. To find out more, get it and experience yourself. :)

(For the ad-supported version, get Unfragment Free!)

(WARNING: DO NOT use Unfragment for confidential communications. The code Unfragment uses is meant for entertainment only and substantially weaker than readily available encryption tools.)


1.With rotation on, the first point of contact with the puzzle piece becomes the pivot. Touch and drag anywhere else to rotate.

2.Tap anywhere without puzzle pieces to check the stopwatch and settings, or use the "i" button shortcut.

3.Tap the Flickr Theme to search for new photos. Tap the thumbnail to learn more about the photo you are using!

Screenshot Puzzle Photo by Cia de Foto.

What's New in Unfragment 1.8b?

*Streaming Photos on iPad! (iOS 4.2)
*Shake for A Puzzle with Random Photo!

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